Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Final Preparations for Archery Season

The final preparations are being made for opening day.  Because I am OCD, I like to make a list and check it 25 to 30  So far I have:

Bought Doe license
Crossbow sighted in 20-50 yards
Range finder batteries replaced
Clothing washed in scent free detergent
Broadheads on bolts
Trailer completed
New Adapted Brace

To do yet...

Charge Action Trackchair
Change flashlight batteries
Check Roho seat cushion

Pack Backpack  (cocking crank, knife, drag line, gloves, head net, hat, zip ties, camera, scent free wipes) add tools (wrench, pliers). Sharpie pen.  Spare BMF trigger activator, poncho, one gallon ziplock bag.  Snacks, water, straws, fork.

Change urinary bag, add zip tie
Put bolt into Seat plate
Load Action TrackChair / tie downs.  Tighten spare tire nut
Spare ground blind, stool

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