Friday, March 15, 2013

Adapted Shooting Brace

I went to the University of Pittsburgh yesterday and met with a group from HERL to start working on a new shooting brace for high level shooters with SCI. 

The brace will allow the user to shoot crossbows, shotguns and rifles.  It will reduce the recoil, and be highly adjustable to fit a variety of weapons.  I loved meeting the Team and I am so excited to see this process. 

I will not have a model in time for spring turkey season, but should have it for archery !  My plan is to test the prototype this year then make any adjustments and get this brace out to our wounded warriors and shooters with disabilities.

I have used a variety of shooting platforms over the years and none has met all of my needs.  I think necessity truly is the mother of invention, wish us luck.

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