Friday, December 28, 2012

Tenpoint Maverick HP

I can't wait to sight in my new Tenpoint Maverick HP crossbow.  It's made in the USA and gets great reviews.  Here are the details...

TenPoint Maverick HP™ 6Point Series Crossbow Package with ACUdraw™

    • HL quad limbs with maximum-rotation cams
    • 13" power stroke for velocities up to 325 fps
    • 3.5-lb. PowerTouch trigger
    • Adjustable fore grip
    • Package includes top-quality accessories and ACUdraw cocking device
It blends TenPoint and 6-Point Series technology, enhancing speed, accuracy and performance in one lethal package. The 175-lb. HL quad limbs are equipped with maximum-rotation cams and a durable, D-75™ string. A 13" power stroke boosts arrow velocities up to 325 fps while generating 98.5 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. Lightweight, UL TriLoc™ barrel, riser and a Verton® two-piece stock. 3.5-lb. PowerTouch™ trigger and adjustable fore grip. Double-dipped in Mossy Oak Break-Up® Infinity™ camo. Includes ACUdraw cocking package.
Power stroke: 13".
Draw length: 175 lbs.
Length: 39".
Width: 25.25".
Weight without accessories: 7 lbs. 5 oz.
Camo pattern:Mossy Oak Break-Up® Infinity™.

6-Point Maverick HP Package with ACUdraw includes: crossbow, ACUdraw cocking device, 3X Pro-View 2™ scope with 7⁄8" rings, three aluminum 2219 XX75 20" bolts with practice points, four-bolt quiver, 7⁄8" fixed dovetail mount.

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