Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wash Everything

Ok the season is about to start, your crossbow is sighted in, new bolts and broadheads are ready in your quiver and your backpack is ready to be packed right?

Wrong, anything that can be washed including your backpack must be washed in scent free, brightener free detergent and Air Dried.  Never use your dryer or fabric sheets. 

Once all your clothing is completely dry, put it into a scent free plastic bag and seal that bag up tight.  Now this information is not new to most bow hunters but here are a few more steps...

Get a few packages of the scent away wipes and go over all your gear (wheelchair too) as best you can.  Your goal is scent elimination, that is the key to getting close.

Store all your gear away from pets, smells ect as best as possible. 

Shower in scent free soap before the hunt and use scent free deodorant. 

Fill your gas tank the day before the hunt not on your way there.

Get dressed at your hunting parking area if possible.

Touch as little as possible on your way to your groundblind.

Always hunt the wind...

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