Thursday, December 8, 2011

We need your HELP

My friend John sent me this, lets help Nicole out!

Hey there everyone...I have this awesome opportunity for a young girl to get into the woods and hunt for the first time.   Her name is Nicole, age 10 . She has epilepsy and has been seizure free for over 8 months.
This little girl is full of life and energy to boot. She loves to play soccer, anything outdoors and is an almost straight “A” student. She will be coming over to my house tonight so I can tell her about this.
Her dream is to go on a hunt and it has been for almost 6 years. Her mom and Dad are not hunters but are so supportive in the things that she does. They were hit by the economy and are not able to make this dream come true for her. I volunteered to take her to a preserve in PA to hunt.
I am ...soliciting money donations to make this happen. I'm shooting for $1000. The total hunt to include animal, room, board, butchering and taxidermy is going to be $1000.00. The preserve is hooking me up and a local taxidermist is helping out also, you can see that from the total price. 
She will have a chance at a Buffalo, 6x6 Elk, Corsican Rams or huge pigs, which ever walks by. I was able to get a cross bow donated for the hunt and have a line on hunting clothes for her. 
If anyone would like to donate you can call me directly at 609-893-4550 or just send it to my house. 847 Forest Ave, Browns Mills NJ 08015. The hunt will be taped and it will be posted on the WJ site. She is guaranteed to harvest something. What ever I can't raise will come out of my pocket. I’m already in it to win it. This little girl is a true inspiration and the video and story to follow will be amazing.

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