Sunday, July 10, 2011

Accessible Fishing Rod


My name is Ken Dvorchak.  I am a C-4quadriplegic who suffered a spinal
cord injury after falling from an archery tree-stand while hunting 28
years ago  Because of my love for the outdoors - especially hunting
and fishing - and after becoming aware that there were no products on
the market that would allow me to fish with total independence, I
became a "Gold Medal" award winning inventor and CEO of my own company
that makes and sells my product called the Ken's Power Caster.

The Ken's Power Caster is a fully automated, push-button or sip and
puff controlled fishing machine that gives severely disabled people
the ability to cast out their line, hook,fight, retrieve and land fish
with total independence - no matter their disability or injury level.
It can be seen in action at   

But the real reason I'm writing is because my product has been
nominated for the 2011 da Vince Awards.  The da Vince Awards is a
worldwide contest - sponsered by the MS Society of Michigan - that
gathers and  shows the newest and latest in Assistive Technology,
Assistive Products and devices from around the world in 5 different
1.Communication/Educational Aids
2.Environmental Adaptation/Daily Living or Work Aids
4.Transportation and Mobility
5.Recreation and Leisure

I'm not sure if you are aware of the event, but I thought you might
want to check it out...or even mention it to your readers of the news
letter.  The products are displayed in video form on the da Vince
channel on at this link...

I believe Product judging starts in August...and the finalists in each
category will be judged for 2 weeks by viewers votes - likes/favorites
- starting on September 1st.

For more accurate info about the da Vince awards and the show, you can
get all the details at

Just thought you might like to know and share it with your members.
PS  A vote in September for my Ken's Power Caster would be greatly appriciated!

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