Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nikon Pro Staff Rifle Scope

I recently ordered a Nikon 3-9x50 rifle scope in anticipation of taking a hunting trip later this fall. I am planning on going to Missouri to hunt whitetailed deer with Dreams Become Reality .

My weapon of choice in the past has always been a compound bow or a crossbow since my injury. I have not hunted with a rifle since the mid-1990s. I plan on mounting this Nikon Pro Staff scope on my Remington 270.

Since it has been quite a few years since I have shot a rifle, I am sure I need to practice and concentrate on the basics of marksmanship. This will require a few trips to the shooting range!

Chris Gillin the CEO of Dreams Become Reality had a very good suggestion the other evening over dinner. He suggested a sip and puff trigger-activator, that would possibly be more accurate than my current BMF type.

If I have the opportunity to take a mature Whitetail at 100 yards or more , I would like every advantage I can have, to make a clean and quick harvest.   This scope should provide a good opportunity even in lowlight conditions such as  dawn and dusk.

Keep checking back for a full review.  Any thoughts on optics?

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